Back in 2017 we bought our first place – a second floor flat with amazing views of the river Arun and the beach. Sounds like the dream right?

Well, it needed a complete overhaul.

With friends and family wondering what on earth we’d taken on, we began ripping the kitchen and bathroom out, knocking walls down and making plans to completely transform the place.

Thankfully, with family in various trades, this was easier than it would otherwise have been for a couple with next to no DIY experience and a serious lack of knowledge on just how many different shades of white paint exist…

Fast forward two years and we’ve gone and done it again.

We sold our flat and, in December 2018, we bought a Victorian semi-detached house which both of us loved the minute we stepped through the door.

Again, it needs a lot of work.

A few months in, while working in torchlight thanks to a lack of electrics, that we thought about sharing our journey through blogging.

So here we are…

Much like the house, the blog is very much a work in progress – so bear with us!

Hopefully, over time, this will become a place for us to share honest anecdotes about our progress (and sometimes a lack of it), provide advice through experience, and showcase the items we’re buying or reclaiming and furnishing our place with.

Most posts will be written by me, Steph, with most photos taken by Luke.

We’d love to hear your thoughts so please do get in touch with us!

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