Changing the layout of our kitchen

The kitchen has undoubtedly undergone the biggest transformation in the house so far.

It was the first room we focused on when we bought the property – the first place we started removing lath and plaster, and the first room we decorated.

But before we could get to the decorating stage, we ended up completely changing the layout.

Here’s why.

To start with, the back door was to the right of the property and the kitchen was at the back of the room.

Practically, I’m sure this worked for the previous owners but for us, the room felt dark and cut in two by the doorway.

We thought that if we installed double doors to the back wall, it would bring us more light, aided by the installation of velux windows above.

Moving the door from the side to the back would also give us extra space. Instead of having to work around the door in our designs, we would have more flexibility with the layout, and it would make the room feel longer and bigger.

This was good for us. We really wanted a downstairs toilet so, by changing the layout and moving the door, we’d have the ability to pinch a bit of the space and create both a utility cupboard and a small WC.

All sounds great right? Nice and simple?

Not so. The back of our property was actually an extension and the ceiling wasn’t high enough to install a door. Classic.

So we discovered that we’d have to get builders to remove the majority of the back wall and rebuild it slightly higher than it was before. Because we had to jump through hoops with the council, it meant that the process took longer but it was so, so worth it.

Check out each stage in the transformation below:

The beginning: before anything changed and we were just ripping the old kitchen out. Notice the lovely alumninium door cutting the space in half!
Step two – our blank slate and a time to work out what to do next. Notice how we’ve used pieces of wood on the floor to visually map out where a kitchen might go? This is something we’d wholeheartedly recommend before changing any layouts in a property – we did it in the flat too where space was tighter.
These two pics show the height of the transformation!
The wall was down and the old doorway was being bricked up…
Next, the framework for the downstairs toilet and utility cupboard went in. We ended up extending the hallway so that these rooms would feel separate to the kitchen. Took a while for us to get boards down though so we became experts at navigating those beams…
Once the doors were in, and the walls had been boarded, the plasters came in and radiators were installed. It suddenly transformed from a building site to a room.
Sadly, we could only walk a few spaces into the kitchen as the floor needed to be screed and levelled – hence the little heater, desperately trying to make things dry quicker!
And looking the other way , this is the area that would soon become our kitchen – painted a base coat of white with the first stages of electrics done too.

Intrigued as to what this space looks like now? We’ll be sharing photos of the finished result in another blog post soon. Follow us to make sure you don’t miss it!

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