About Us

Olivia Judah Photography

Hey and welcome to our blog!

We’re Luke and Steph – a couple in our late 20’s based on the south coast of Sussex, not far from Brighton.

We’ve been together over five years thanks to a chance encounter
and a shared smile at a train station (we’re still arguing about who looked back first).

Since then, we’ve become best friends, discovering a mutual love of the outdoors but most especially the beach, which is where we’re happiest.

We’re environmentalists and surfers, often booking holidays which revolve around the swell. With not a lot of surf back home, we tend to hit the promenade instead, weaving through crowds on our longboards when the sun’s shining.

This is one of the reasons why we live where we do – that and the people.

Surrounded by friends and family, we’re lucky to have a network of support, laughter and love around us which we like to think we make the most of, despite occasionally having to pick sandpaper over socialising.